Screened-in Patios Still Offer Summer Vibes in Winter

November 10, 2021

If you like your patio and live in Houston, TX, you probably have a desire to use it year-round. The weather and the design of your patio might allow you to do that. If you have a screened-in patio, there are several ways you can transform it to make it usable throughout the year.

There are many screened-in patio options that can offer a summery feel during the colder months. This article will cover some of those and elucidate why screened-in patios are ideal for winter.

Change the flooring

When it comes to your screened-in patio, how it feels begins with what’s underfoot. If your true goal is a summer and outdoorsy feel, you can implement some artificial turf in some or all of your screened-in patio. If you simply want to mitigate the frigid jolt of cold concrete or tile on your bare feet, you can put down some indoor-outdoor rugs in the high-traffic and sitting areas. For a beach-style feel, you could even try some rugged, woven-rattan or seagrass mats.

Add skylights

Skylights are special windows set in the roof of a home to let exterior light in. They come in several different varieties, including screened versions that can open with a remote control to let fresh air in. These would be a perfect addition to your screened-in porch. Skylights would allow natural light to flow into the patio area, which would make the room feel warmer both literally, figuratively and aesthetically.

Implement vinyl curtains

Clear vinyl curtains operate like the skylights mentioned above. Although vinyl curtains don’t guard against the cold very well, that’s not as big of a concern for people who live in Houston, where temperatures rarely approach freezing. The curtains will guard against stiff winds, however, and allow for natural light to stream in. Aesthetically, clear vinyl curtains aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, as they’re reminiscent of a waterfront restaurant, but, functionally, they’ll do the trick.

Put in vinyl or acrylic panels

Composite panels are the ideal way to make your screened-in patio more versatile. They’re inherently customizable and do the best job of protecting your screened-in patio from any winter winds and frosty drafts. They’re removable (which is great if you’d like to feel a slight breeze) and durable, as they can be used over and over again for several years. The only downside is that acrylic panels can become discolored over time, reducing their aesthetic appeal.

Invest in some new furniture

When it comes to summery screened-in patio options, switching up your furniture should be near the top of the list. The reason for this is that any patio furniture that is metal and not fully cushioned can feel cold to the touch—which isn’t what you want for your screened-in patio. So try some wicker or wooden furniture with cushions—and don’t forget to accent with some blankets, as the average low temperature in January in Houston is only 43.4°F.

Call to discuss your screened-in patio today

Hopefully, this article explained why screened-in patios are ideal for winter, especially in warmer locales like southeast Texas. For all your patio and awning needs, call us at ABC Awning Company. We’re the premier metal carport and awning specialists in the greater Houston area, and we’re eager to help create a patio or awning that works for you.

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