Steel Carports Keep Moisture Out

December 8, 2021

Installing a carport at your home is a cost-effective way to protect your vehicles and other belongings. While carports can be made of a variety of materials, you should always go with steel. Steel carports don’t absorb moisture, which makes them excellent for handling heavy rainfall and our humid summers.

This post will teach you a little bit more about why steel is the best carport option to not absorb moisture or rot in Houston, TX.

What no moisture means for you

Being moisture free has quite a few perks. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to if your carport isn’t waterlogged:

  • No rot: Wood is bound to rot and crumble away as it takes on more moisture. A rotten carport is less sturdy and is liable to collapse in heavy winds. That’s not a worry with steel, which is why it’s the best carport option in Houston, TX to not absorb moisture or
  • No mold: A wooden carport tends to get moldy before it succumbs to rot. Even though mold doesn’t necessarily hinder a wooden carport’s structural integrity, it’s a health concern and looks nasty. Steel is impervious to mold growth, so you don’t have to worry about any fungal growth when you install a steel carport.
  • No pests: Unless it’s properly treated, a wood carport is like a magnet for insects and other pests. This pest problem only gets worse as the wood starts to take on moisture. Wet wood attracts everything from cockroaches to termites. Besides spraying for insects, the best way to avoid an infestation is by installing a pest-proof steel carport.

Other advantages of steel carports

It’s a fact that steel carports are better than wood carports in Houston, TX, and it’s not just because they don’t absorb moisture. These are a couple of other reasons to choose steel for your carport instead of wood or another material:

  • Maintenance free: Sealing, staining and repainting are just a few of the items on the wooden carport care list. Plus, cleaning them can be a hassle. Don’t worry about all of that hard work if you have a steel carport! All you need to do is rinse it down if it gets a bit dirty.
  • Lighter weight: Many homeowners are surprised to find that steel carports are actually lighter than wooden ones—but you don’t have to sacrifice durability or protection due to the fact that it’s In fact, steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios out there.
  • No fire hazard: A wooden carport can go up in flames in just a matter of minutes. This is a concern on its own, but it’s even more worrisome for homeowners with a carport right next to their home. Because steel is flame resistant, you don’t have to worry about it suddenly catching fire and burning down.

Buy your new carport today

If you’re ready to see why steel carports are better than wood carports in Houston, TX, call our team at ABC Awning Company. We specialize in installing steel carports of all sizes to meet your needs.

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