4 Benefits of Metal Awnings

March 10, 2022

When you embark on new construction or a remodel, the details matter. Accessories such as metal awnings can make a huge difference to your final project’s look, durability, and functionality. Metal awnings are a great way to enhance the worth of homes or commercial properties. In addition to providing shade, metal awnings also provide other benefits.

Enhanced Durability

Most people do not realize that a metal awning can actually enhance the durability of your entire structure. These additions provide a strong window and door covering. In the event of strong weather conditions, a metal awning can provide great protection for windows and doors from hail, heavy rain, or debris. Awnings also provide a good windbreak from strong winds that could damage windows, doors, or glass doors. We can provide you with metal awning durability tips as well. 

Energy Conservation

Anything you add to your home or business to provide shade will ultimately help your energy bills. During the hot summer months, your AC system will work extra hard keeping the indoors cool if there is not sufficient shade from the sun available. Any direct sunlight hitting windows and doors will raise the temps inside your home or business. It is imperative that you have sufficient shade during the summer to keep energy costs low. Awnings help accomplish this. 


Many outdoor areas are not usable during the hot summer months because of direct sunlight. Adding a metal awning to your home or business will help you increase your outdoor area usefulness. Metal awnings will also provide additional shade for outdoor activities. This can help to enhance your outdoor living or operational space.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of metal awnings is that they are low maintenance. You can keep metal awnings looking great with little extra work. Proper metal awning maintenance is a breeze. Unlike fabric awnings, you never have to worry about stretching, ripping, warping or discoloration. In most cases, your metal awnings will do just fine with the occasional washing with a hose. Dirt and debris can collect on your awnings, and washing them off occasionally will help keep them looking great.

Metal awnings come in a variety of colors and designs to match your taste. If you are considering adding metal awnings to your home or business, ABC Awning Company can help. We provide awning installation in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and get you a quote today.

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