5 Surprising Facts About Aircraft Hangars

July 18, 2022

Aircraft Hangars are not only for aircraft storage but also play an important role in aircraft maintenance and construction. Aircraft hangars fabrication can be complex and expensive process because of the many aircraft hangar types. Here are five facts about aircraft hangars that may surprise you:

The First Hanger Was a Cattle Pen

Interestingly, the first hanger building was a cattle pen. Aircraft hangars were first used to store airships in the late 1800s. The Wright brothers also used a shed to house their aircraft. Pilots in World War I used aircraft hangars to store their aircraft.

It Is Possible to Control Climate

One of the benefits of an aircraft hangar is that you can control the climate. This is important because aircraft are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. You can use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control the climate in your aircraft hangar. Steel hanger buildings are also better at regulating temperature than wooden hanger buildings.

Maintenance Is Low With Steel Buildings

Maintenance cost is always a consideration when owning any building. Steel aircraft hangar buildings require less maintenance than other aircraft hanger buildings. This is because steel is more durable than other materials.

Many FAA regulations apply to aircraft hangars. These regulations cover fire safety, aircraft access, and aircraft operations. You need to make sure your aircraft hangar complies with all the applicable FAA regulations.

Ownership costs can be reduced by sharing aircraft hangars. Many aircraft owners find it more economical to share aircraft hangars with other aircraft owners. Shared aircraft hangar ownership can be a great way to reduce your aircraft ownership costs.


Aircraft hangar buildings are becoming more popular. These aircraft hangar buildings can be used for various purposes such as manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers. The clear span design of aircraft hangar buildings makes them very versatile. You can use aircraft hangars to store RVs, boats, and other large vehicles. Consequently, aircraft hangars are not only for aircraft storage but can also serve a variety of other purposes. These are just a few of the surprising facts about aircraft hangars.

Steel Hangars Can Be Prefabricated

One of the benefits of steel aircraft hangars is that they can be prefabricated. This means that the aircraft hangar can be built off-site and assembled on-site. This reduces the construction time and cost of the aircraft hangar. Also, prefabricated aircraft hangars can be disassembled and relocated if necessary. This is common with aircraft that are based in remote areas. The aircraft hangar can be built at the site and then dismantled and relocated when the aircraft is no longer needed.


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