Window Awnings vs. Casement Windows

January 20, 2023

You need new windows, and there are many different options available. While many people are familiar with the windows that are hung to slide up and down for venting, other options are available. To learn more about the difference between awning and casement windows, continue reading.

Get To Know the Differences

The first thing to understand is that while casement and awning windows are similar, they cannot be used interchangeably. The differences in their design and how they work help determine if they are a good choice for a particular space and should not be confused.

Casement Windows

If you understand how a door swings open, you have a basic understanding of how a casement window works. This widow has hinges on the side of it so that it swings open on those hinges, just like a door. 

These windows have a turning handle that allows the user to crank them open. Depending on the need, this style of window can open to the right or left.

Awning Windows

If you were to turn a casement window on its side so that the window lifted up when the crank was turned, this is how an awning window works. These windows are unique because they are built, so the window openings are wider rather than tall.

Casement Windows vs. Awning Windows

The choice between these windows is often dictated by the space where it will be installed. If you’re considering casement windows, they can provide a clear, open view of the surrounding property. This is especially nice if you live in a location with breathtaking scenery.

Casement windows are also easy to clean. In addition, they can feature the ability to rotate the glass for complete access to all sides. 

You can also enjoy a nice breeze when you open the window just enough to control the airflow into your home. If you happen to live in an area with strong winds, you may risk damaging the window’s hinges, so resist the temptation to open them on those days.

Awning windows can allow you to open the window even when it’s raining. The way this window opens can repel rain, letting in fresh air without getting your home wet.

Since awnings don’t need rails, they provide an excellent open window panel for unobstructed views. These big openings also allow more natural light into a space. This is especially nice if you live in an area with long, cold winters.

Great Windows With Great Features

The long-term benefits of both casement and awning windows include energy efficiency and additional security to any space. You can also select your glass, efficiency ratings, hardware options, colors, woodgrain options, and more with the right service.

When You Need an Awning or Casement Window Professional in Houston, TX

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