The Pros and Cons of Pool Screen Enclosures

February 22, 2023

Having a pool in your home can be an excellent investment. Not only is this a great asset and a way to improve the value of your property, but it will also give you a place to relax and beat the heat in the summer. If you are going to invest in a pool, there are various upgrades and accessories you can invest in. One option to consider is to have a pool screen enclosure installed, which will provide a barrier over your pool. You should be aware of various pros and cons of these enclosures. 

Pros of Pool Screen Enclosures

Protection from Insects and Animals

One of the main advantages of pool screen enclosures is that they can protect you from insects and animals. Nothing is more annoying than sitting in your pool and dealing with insects or animals. With a full enclosure, you can avoid this annoyance.

Keep Pool Clean

The benefits to installing a pool enclosure include keeping your pool clean. If your pool is not enclosed, you will quickly get used to leaves and other debris falling into your pool. This can greatly increase the amount of time you spend cleaning your pool. An enclosure will block this debris from getting into the pool.

Pool Safety

If you have a pool in your home, it is important that you are very safe. For any pool owner, this means ensuring small kids and pets are not able to get into the water inadvertently. With a pool enclosure, you will have a natural barrier that kids will have to get through. This can be an added level of safety that should be coupled with a gate and pool cover.

Cons of Pool Screen Enclosures

Block the Sun and Airflow

One of the challenges people can have with a pool enclosure is that it can block the sun and airflow. While some people may want the shade, those that like to have a lot of sun will find the pool enclosure can block it. Depending on where the wind is blowing from, it can also block airflow.

Maintenance Requirements

While the enclosure can help reduce your pool cleaning needs, maintenance is necessary for the enclosure. Some common tasks can include cleaning and replacing screens, power washing the sides of the enclosure, and ensuring it continues to be strong and sturdy.

If you have a pool, you may consider installing a pool screen enclosure. There are various benefits and disadvantages of swimming pool screen enclosures that you should consider when determining if one is right for you and your situation. 

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