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Five Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Metal Awnings in Houston, TX

February 1, 2016

One of the best parts of spring is being able to spend the day out in your backyard enjoying the warm weather with a cool drink and good friends. But your ideal day can easily be ruined by spring showers or blindingly bright sunlight. An awning is a great way to keep yourself comfortable outside, regardless of what the weather is like. With a metal awning, you will be able to truly enjoy your outdoor space regardless of rain or shine. Purchasing metal awnings in Houston, TX is a smart investment. But as with any investment, you should always make... View Article

Ask Your Local Awning Company in Houston, TX About Wind Resistant Designs

January 15, 2016

Backyard porches, restaurant patios, business windows and strip mall sidewalks—when specially designed for specific spaces, awnings go to work as protectors from the elements, including wind, rain, snow and sun. But what designs and which materials should you select in preparation for a battle against the weather, especially when it comes to strong winds? Don’t simply choose the first awning you see. If installing wind resistant awnings is a priority, take the time to talk with a local awning company in Houston, TX about these sturdy design options: Retractable awnings: Since winds can pick up just about anywhere, at any... View Article

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