Avoid “Shady” Patio and Awning Contractors in Hurricane-Prone Areas

October 6, 2017

Awnings can create a truly perfect shady spot—but only if you avoid “shady” awning contractors! At ABC Awning Company, we can help you repair your hurricane-damaged awning or hurricane-damaged canopy in Houston, TX. We offer expert, reliable and affordable service to ensure your shaded space stays in top shape year round.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a reliable contractor, instead of falling prey to less reputable patio and awning businesses.

Do your homework

When you begin your search for awning installation or repair, be sure to take the time to check out the experience of potential contractors. It can be tempting to go with the lowest priced service, and forgo the necessary background research, but if you put in a tiny bit of legwork, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

This is not to say that a good company will have high prices, but simply that this good price should go hand in hand with superior service. A less experienced contractor will not understand how to repair or replace a hurricane-damaged awning in Houston, TX, much less how to correctly install a new one. The more experience a contractor has, the more situations like yours he will have encountered, and therefore, he will be able to professionally and expertly address your unique needs.

Ask for references

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you’ve probably encountered that after-storm situation where you take stock of your property and see your hurricane-damaged canopy in Houston, TX sadly flapping in the breeze. Obviously, you want to hire a reputable company to repair or replace your damaged awning, and one way to ensure that you get someone trustworthy is by checking their references. A good company will have no problem furnishing you with references, so you can see what kind of experience he has, and reach out to former clients if necessary, so you can confirm the work and ask follow-up questions.

Hire a company with insurance

A reputable awning company understands that, just as with any job, there is some risk involved in installation and repair work for canopies and awnings. Unexpected issues can arise, and it’s important to have a full-time, fully insured contractor who can own the responsibility for any incidents or damage, and remedy the situation immediately with their liability insurance. If you hire someone who does not have adequate (or any) experience, you could wind up footing a costly bill when all you were trying to do was hire someone to do a good job fixing or installing your awning!

Talk about the cost

Don’t just hire a contractor and wait to see the bill. A trustworthy company like ABC Awning Company will be happy to provide an estimate for the work and tell you the full cost up front. If any unexpected expenses arrive, such as further damage discovered after work commences, they can let you know immediately so you can decide what you want to invest in the project.

If you find yourself with a hurricane-damaged awning in Houston, TX, don’t wait – give ABC Awning Company a call. We’ll help you get your favorite shady spot back in no time!

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