Prepping for Summer 2021: Catering Your Shade Structure to Your Property

June 18, 2021

The heat of summer reminds us of the need for shade structures to provide relief from the hot weather, as well as to provide aesthetically pleasing surroundings. But what types of summer shade structures are best for your property? Ask yourself the following questions to guide your selection.

What will be the main function of your shade structures?

Consider the needs of your property as you look at the various summer shade structures available. Do you want to provide shade, or are you more interested in giving your building an aesthetic boost? Decide which is the higher priority or if both are equally important.

If style is not an issue, you can focus on the amount of shade the structure will provide, with less concern for how it affects the look of the surroundings. However, if you want to beautify your building with shade structures, be sure to consider style as well as function.

Will you want to integrate your brand?

In some settings, it may be helpful to add branding to your shade structures to help draw attention to your business. In other cases, you may need to blend any summer shade structures with the existing surroundings. Decide if you want to choose a shade that complements the architecture of the rest of your building or if you can also add a branding element to your shade.

Do your needs change with the seasons?

Keep your year-round needs in mind as you consider shade structures. Will you need to remove the structure in the winter to protect it from the elements or for other reasons? If so, you’ll need to consider detachable summer shade structures. Or perhaps you need to choose a retractable shade that can adjust to daily changes in needs.

What other exterior projects are needed?

As you look at adding shade structures to your property, consider what other projects may need to be completed. Is it time to repaint? Do you need to make roof repairs? If you’ll be scheduling any other maintenance, be sure to arrange this work in a way that makes sense with your shade installation. For example, if you’re going to paint, it’s best to do this before you add any summer shade structures.

Where can you find quality shade structures?

For summer shade structures that last, look for a company that has a track record of success. Partner with professionals who have experience and can offer a great selection of quality shade structures to suit your unique needs.

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