Protect Your Vehicles with DIY Carport Kits in Houston, TX

June 2, 2017

Whether you own a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or another type of vehicle, it’s important that you shelter it from the elements and other uncontrollable forces. A few things happen when you properly protect your vehicle. First, it won’t need mechanical repairs all the time, as long as you continue maintaining it. As for the exterior, vehicle paint and windows are regularly at risk for both minor and major damage, including paint peeling, chipped paint and cracked windows. Your vehicle will also last longer and run strong when not exposed to dangers.

If you don’t have a garage to park your vehicles inside, you can still shelter them against damage while they’re parked on your driveway or side yard. Let’s take a look at how DIY carport kits in Houston, TX can protect your vehicles from weather damage and other hazards:

  • The hot summer sun: Similar to how the scorching summer sun can damage your skin, eyes and hair, vehicles exposed to UV sunlight can being showing paint peel and color fading. This kind of damage is not attractive and will only get worse over time; unfortunately, repainting a vehicle is too big of an expense for many car owners. Another issue the sun presents to cars is that the heat can accelerate wear on tire rubber. Park under a carport to shade your vehicle all summer long.
  • Heavy rain: Depending on where you live, rainstorms can pop up out of nowhere and at any time. Over time, moisture can cause rust to your car’s exterior and seep in to damage mechanical parts. Vehicles with damage to sunroofs and window or door seals are likely to find internal water damage after a rainstorm. A carport cover is designed to keep most of the rain away.
  • Winter snow: Snow is quick to pile up, which is bad news if you park your vehicle outside unprotected. So you won’t have to shovel snow off your car or truck and risk damaging the paint, install a carport kit to take on the heavy burden.
  • Falling tree branches and other debris: Seasonal storms and constant moderate winds are the prime culprits when it comes to damage to cars parked on driveways. Overhanging tree limbs, decaying branches and flying objects will lead to dents, broken windows, crushed roofs and more, but the right carport can shield vehicles throughout the day.
  • Bird droppings: It doesn’t matter if you park in the open or under a tree—the likelihood of coming back to a car decorated in bird droppings is high. Removing bird droppings as soon as possible is important to avoid damage due to the uric acid it contains. Uric acid is a corrosive substance that can eat its way through car wax, sealant and paint. Since you cannot watch your car every minute, park it under a driveway carport.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of building DIY carport kits in Houston, TX, don’t hesitate to visit the experts at ABC Awning Company. We are a friendly, family-owned and operated business offering the highest quality carports to the city of Houston and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with questions!

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